Our Oz LSx dyno day at APS Frankston was again a huge success!!

A big thank you to APS for helping us stage this fantastic event, plus to the competitors and Oz LSx members who helped out on the day (there were many!!).

Results are listed below.

Oz LSx Dyno results.jpg

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Highest LSx and Highest Overall - Jarrod Mills
Oz LSx DD Jarrod.jpg

Highest Non LSx - Jamie Blanco
Oz LSx DD Jamie.jpg

APS/People's Choice - Nick Sampsonidis
Oz LSx DD Nick.jpg

Highest Naturally Aspirated - Darren Chambers
Oz LSx DD Darren.jpg

Lowest Powered - Harjit Singh (thanks for being a great sport!!)
Oz LSx DD Harjit.jpg